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SLPP’s Sidi Tunis Plays Oliver Twist

Top Executive SLPP Members

Top Executive Members of ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) headed by its Chairman and Leader, Dr. Prince Alex Harding last week forced former Majority leader and Leader of Government Business in the House of Parliament to choose between remaining as ECOWAS Parliamentary Speaker and staying home to continue serving as House majority leader.

The impasse between the National Leader and Chairman of the SLPP and Hon. Mohamed Sidi Tunis came as a result of a letter from the SLPP Chairman asking the leader of government business in Parliament to step down from his post following his new role as speaker of ECOWAS Parliament.

Initially, Hon. Sidi Tunis had declined to relinquish his position as leader of government business, something that sounded absurd. Playing Oliver Twist, the MP from Pujehun District who is serving his third term in the House just wanted to be overtly greedy to the detriment of his integrity.

To retain both positions, Hon. Sidi Tunis when squeezed by the party hierarchy instead offered to step down as ECOWAS Speaker. Nobody knows why the insistence on keeping the two jobs, which made the situation get out of hands as the Chairman, stood his grounds that now that he, (Tunis) has been duly sworn in as Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, he had to let go the first position, which had already been given to somebody else.

Hon. Mathew Nyuma who was serving as Majority Whip in the House has replaced Hon. Side Tunis.

Hon. Sidi Tunis was both influential in the Ernest Koroma administration as he is in the Bio-led regime of the SLPP. He is seen as a lobbyist, which made him clinch that position, as he was not tooted to be the best candidate. His more favorite rival for the ECOWAS position is from opposition APC. Hon. Chernoh Maju Bah. Bah is said to be more eligible for the position of House Speaker at ECOWAS given his vast experience in the legal system as a practicing lawyer.

Sidi Tunis first lobbied to be made Speaker of the House in Sierra Leone when the SLPP won but he had to settle for the position of Government Business when the president based on his legal background and his proficiency in constitutional law recommended a more senior party stalwart, Dr. Adass Bundu.

In essence, the meeting on Wednesday, April 15 which saw party members choked in his tiny office in Parliament and that defied President Julius Maada Bio’s order of social distancing was to let Tunis see a reason to drop the Oliver Twist school boy’s ‘want all’ syndrome. There should not be all for the greedy and nothing for the needy, they told him.

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