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Pregnant Woman in Critical State after Alleged Beating by Cattle Rearers

A pregnant woman named Hawa Turay was left in a critical state when two cattle-rearers allegedly beat her mercilessly, the Gleaner has learnt. 

According to Hawa Turay, she was at her farm in Makrimu Village, close to Batkanu, when the cattle rearers came with their cattle.

After some time, the cattle tried to enter her farm to eat up the plants but she drove them away. Upon driving the cattle, the cattle-rearers felt offended and warned her against it.

Hawa said she ignored them and continue to drive the animals to protect her crops. She said suddenly one of the cattle rearers ordered the other one to beat her with the cattle tail.

“He advanced towards me and started hitting me with the tail. I began to run and at the same time shouting for help until I fell on my belly,” she explained

Hawa said her husband later came to the scene and called for help because her condition was critical. With the help of a good Samaritan, her husband rushed her to the nearby hospital but she was quickly referred to the Makeni Government Hospital because of the severity of her condition.

The Sierra Leone Police investigator in Makeni, Gibrilla Koroma, in a telephone interview with this press confirmed the incident and said they have obtained a statement from the victim and that a Police medical report was issued to her for further medical attention.

Koroma said they intended to invite the alleged perpetrators and obtain a statement from the witness.

Hawa’s husband, Alimany Conteh, said he refused to take the law into his hand that is why they reported the matter to the Mena Police Station in Makeni. He alleged that the perpetrators carried two cutlasses while beating her wife.

Alimany said he was in the bush when he had his wife shouting from afar.

“When I came to the scene I first took her to the Mabamba hospital which was very close to us, they referred us to the Makeni Government hospital,” he recalled.

P.C Bai Yankay II of LEBEISAYGAHUN Chiefdom, Batkanu, is also a key factor for cattle distribution in that chiefdom.

Some residents alleged that he is not helping farmers to do their farming and as such the youths have threatened to leave the chiefdom for the Chief and the cattle-rearers if action is not taking by the government.

P.C Bai Yankay confirmed the incident in a telephone conversation with this press but said he was informed after two days. 

He said the incident took place 18 miles from where he stays.

Information gathered by this press indicates further that the pregnant woman was admitted for three days and the Police did nothing. Sources say if it were the cattle owners who made the report about their cattle, action should have been taken immediately. 

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