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Mohamed Kargbo Mounts Wanted by Police

Mohamed ordeal started on 31 May 2019 when he was frog marched to the police station by furious community youths after undergoing serious torture accusing him of murdering his uncle the incident is said to have been witnessed by one Umar Kargbo after the deceased and the accused were engaged in a serious fracas battle at 4 Scotland Street in Freetown. 

He said on one particular Friday mohamed stoutly refused to go for prayers but his uncle insisted which eventually led to the fight between the two. Mohamed is said to have been beaten and during the confrontation, the uncle missed went down the stairs hitting his head against an iron struggle for some time until he finally gave up the ghost. it states that the suspect had lost his parents at a tender age was being taken care of by his uncle. he revealed that mohamed was a Christian by religion he continued to narrative how mohamed at one point informed him that his uncle was a senior member of a male secret society the poro society. According to him, mohamed uncle was nagging the former to take his father’s position in the poro society in their home town in the provinces. he continued to intimate this medium that from the onset mohamed did not buy the idea because his Christian faith forbids him from associating with any secret society as their initiation ritual was seen to be demonic. This misunderstanding loomed between the two as their relationship turned sour he said that such led to a Cold War.

Umar kargbo is said to have testified at the police station what he saw on that fateful day. After a manhunt by the police for some time when he escaped. Mohamed kargbo has been declared wanted dead or alive. As the situation now stands family members of the deceased are desperately looking for him with the avowed objective of revenging were as the police are also on the lookout for him According to an eye-witnessed account. Mohamed kargbo received heavy punches from the irate youths who manhandled him to the extent he sustain injuries and was complaining of bodily pains which made it compelling for the police to agree to have him hospitalized it was while undergoing treatment at the hospital where he was hospitalized and closely monitored that he managed to escape by jumping from a toilet window. The accused person escaped a day before a comprehensive statement was to be taken from him by the police. When this medium delved into the matter by contacting family members of the deceased of Scotland street it was unanimously confirmed that altercation took place between the imam and Mohamed starting inside the house and continued outside the veranda they went on to state that when eventually they step to intervene and separate them they saw their relative the imam down the staircase lying in a pool of blood in the compound and he was bleeding.

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