As President Bio Roped in CTC Dubious Mining Deal… Who Is Tarek Mackie?

Over the past weeks, the people of Maforkie and Marampa have rejected a dubious Mining deal that has unilaterally signed by the Government of Sierra Leone and the CTC Mining Company owned by a mining mafia, Fassaly Tarawally, Hisham Mackie and former AFRC Junta Tarek Mackie.
Tarek Makie is the unseen hands in the whole dubious mining deal and he is using his relationship with President Bio to rip off the people of Sierra Leone Billions. It is surprising how Tarek become close to President Bio and other top officials in the current SLPP dispensation when in fact Tarek was the one who came with the gunboat and other military equipment for the AFRC to kill the people of Sierra Leone.

Tarek Mackie was very popular in the whole AFRC Saga and was the Lebanese Business Man who was coming with weapons for the mass killing of Sierra Leone.

After the war, Tarek went into a self-imposed exile and has now decided to come to Sierra Leone and fleece billions of Leone.

The recent mining deal saw the coming of one Alie Makie who was in Belgium together with Tarek who proudly professed his relationship with President Bio to get the deal done so that they will be excavating bauxite.

The people in the concession area have deposited a petition letter to the Speaker of Parliament, calling on the intervention of parliament for what they described as a rogue deal 

They indicted the director general of the National Mineral Agency who they say was given a huge environmental contract which is equal to a conflict of interest but that he is always boasting of his relationship with the President.

More details in subsequent editions!

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